ESEP University cotonou(2023)


ESEP University cotonou(2023)

In the Republic of Benin, Esep-le-Berger is a prestigious, privately funded, and government-accredited bilingual university. Esep-le Berger belongs to CAMES, an organization that controls academic activity at higher education institutions in francophone African nations. Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Education has approved the university.

A presence, openness, availability, and respect for consciousness are the traits of the shepherd. Three guiding principles show how the Oratory thinks and direct The Le Berger ESEP

School is not simply a place for knowledge transmission; it is also a place for awareness communication.

Nobody cares about a child. It is not possible to dominate it and, as a result of that dominance, to shape it as a matter or to raise it as an animal. It’s about serving it and helping it become what it must be, starting with what it is and activating its energies.

ESEP University cotonou(2023)

Listening to our students’ aspirations, meeting them in their expectations as closely as possible to the new educational needs, accompanying them in their uniqueness, developing their personality by allowing them to develop self-confidence and respect for others, cultivating a taste for the demands of rigor and hard work, the pleasure of learning, and the desire to know, is my wish for all in order to make them active citizens free and responsible for this The world of.

Renowned researchers from across West Africa’s academic landscape are hosted by our institution.
In the Republic of Benin, ESEP University Cotonou is the finest location to earn a university degree because of the favorable intellectual setting, inexpensive tuition, and qualified teaching staff that will support students’ objectives.

The university, which has its primary campus in Cotonou, has successfully assimilated the academic quirks of the French educational system as well as the system that our kids (both anglophone and francophone) are comfortable with in Nigeria, allowing them to blend in with the school seamlessly.

Due to the abundance of chances in a foreign nation, we also placed a strong emphasis on personal development. This included developing additional personal skills including ICT, catering, business development, event management, and entertainment.

Courses offered at ESEP le berger University

Below are the list of courses offered at ESEP university cotonou :


School of pure and applied science

School of social science

  • Politics and international relations
  • Mass communication
  • Public administration
  • Sociology and Government

School of Management Sciences

  • Banking and finance
  • Accounting
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Human resources and management
  • Project management
  • Marketing

School of art and humanities

  • French language
  • Performing art

ESEP University accreditation by NUC

Although visiting foreign nations can be intimidating, it puts the difficulties in perspective when you discover the benefits of expanding your horizons and receiving a respectable education at foreign universities.

Because of this, Nigerian students have chosen over time to go to nations that provide them with more options for earning degrees with better reputations and living standards.

Republic of Benin is one of the most popular places for Nigerian students to study abroad at recognized institutions of higher learning. Students opt to study in the Republic of Benin for a variety of reasons, including the low cost of tuition, safety, high living standards, abundance of job prospects, simple work permit requirements, and a safe atmosphere.

Therefore, ESEP University Cotonou is one of the foreign universities accredited by the NUC Nigeria, and it can help you acquire your educational goals. Since the commission found that some universities and institutes were awarding the same degrees in the Benin Republic either independently or through unauthorized affiliation with Nigerian and foreign universities, ESEP University Cotonou

There are twelve main justifications for selecting ESEP-LE BERGER:

-A suitable structure that complies with contemporary educational norms,
The trainers’ shown professionalism,

-CAMES-accredited diplomas,

-Modern training tools across the board,

-Collaboration with important schools,

-Sports and cultural events,

-Conferences, capacity-building

-Field trips and internships,

-A hostel with secure accommodations for students,

-Monitoring the health of the students using our hospital,

-Buses for our pupils’ transportation,

-More stringent enforcement of school regulations

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