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ESEP- Le Berger
ESEP- Le Berger
École Supérieure d'Enseignement Professionnel le Berger (ESEP LE BERGER)

The Higher School of Vocational Education ESEP – SHEPHERD was established on October 18, 1999, by Decree 0136 / MENRS / CAB / DC / SP.

An attitude of present, openness, availability, and respect for consciousness characterizes education at ESEP – The Shepherd. Three key principles guide and illustrate the Oratory's ideas. ESEP - Jacques Le Berger



School is not simply a place for knowledge transmission; it is also a place for awareness communication.

Nobody cares about a child. It is not possible to dominate it and, as a result of that dominance, to shape it as a matter or to raise it as an animal. It's about serving it and helping it become what it must be, starting with what it is and activating its energies.

Listening to our students' aspirations, meeting them in their expectations as closely as possible to the new educational needs, accompanying them in their uniqueness, developing their personality by allowing them to develop self-confidence and respect for others, cultivating a taste for the demands of rigor and hard work, the pleasure of learning, and the desire to know, is my wish for all in order to make them active citizens free and responsible for this The world of.

Our mission is to welcome the student with respect for the human person and to empower him to be a free and responsible actor in his own life by providing him with access to knowledge, a taste for culture, social life, and a spiritual approach.


The Republic of Benin is focused on a professional education that allows students to develop a genuine personal and professional project.

The assets of the center are the associative life, a vital component of a complete school life, more than a hobby, a true human formation.

There are twelve main reasons to choose ESEP-LE BERGER:

A framework that is appropriate for today's educational requirements,

The trainers' shown professionalism,

CAMES-accredited diplomas,

In all areas of instruction, advanced equipment is used.

Collaboration with prominent universities,

Cultural and sporting events,

Seminars and capacity building are two things that come to mind when it comes to capacity building.

Internships and field trips are both available.

A safe place for students to stay is a hostel.

In our infirmary, we keep track on the students' health.

Buses for our students' transportation

Increasing the rigor with which school regulations are applied.




We have a wide range of facilities that are open to students, staff, visitors and the local community. Set on a large single-site green campus, we are proud of our welcoming and friendly home

Our incredible facilities include lecture theatres, laboratories, an impressive and recently refurbished library, extensive IT network, and a cafe.

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École Supérieure d'Enseignement Professionnel le Berger

Students Love


Benin is a great place to study, the schools are accredited and moreover there aren't any record of strike here. I love the way things are moving orderly too.

Samuel Biomedical Student

I chose to move over to Benin republic to study due to the fact that i am interested in learning French and thank God I finally learnt it.

Oreoluwa Economics Student

I stayed waitting for admission at Nigeria but was to no avail, I finally came to school here at Benin Republic, Now I know I can graduate early with flying colours!

Taiwo Pharmaceutical Student

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